Tegan Novakov
Tegan Icon
Gender Male
Birthday April 25th
Sign Taurus
Personality Type INTP
Height 6'1
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Favorite Color Unknown
Likes Video games, computers and taking Naps
Dislikes Aggressiveness, loud parties, when his computer lags
Professional statistics
Occupation Student
Department Pure and Applied Sciences
Relatives Karolina (sister)

A European foreign student, Tegan specializes in Computer Science. He loves to program and spends the majority of his time in front of the computer. He also loves robotics and any kind of engineering. He has the second highest GPA of the school, beaten only by Tadashi. But despite his adorkableness and his intelligence, Tegan faces a lot of pressure from people…people who won’t believe in him and his dreams. His roommate and best friend is Tyler and he has a twin sister: Karolina.


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Tegan has bright red hair and brown eyes concealed by black glasses. He is usually seen with gold and black headphones, and orange belt and his cellphone in hand. He stands at 6'1, and wears velcro shoes over mix matched socks.



Karolina is Tegan's twin sister.  


Tyler is Tegan's best friend and roommate.


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