Tadashi Nakano
Tadashi Icon
Gender Male
Birthday September 17th
Sign Virgo
Personality Type ENTJ
Height 5'10
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light gray
Favorite Color Unknown
Likes Leading people, finance and relaxing
Dislikes Axel, inefficiency, dishonesty
Professional statistics
Occupation Student Body President
Department Business, Commerce & Politics
Relatives Unknown

Tadashi is the current Student Body President of Arlington Academy. Having the highest GPA of the school, an estimated IQ of 160, being a star student and a jack of all trades, Tadashi doesn’t have time for any crap…and that means it will be very hard for your Scholar to get to know him. You’ll have to be sharp, organized and future-oriented…because the future is exactly what troubles this guy.


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Tadashi has light gray eyes and black hair that's longer on top and shaved near the sides of his head, that he usually keeps slicked back. He wears all components of his uniform without any added accessories, the only thing out of place being the bottom button of his blazer being undone.



Tadashi's friend and roommate.


Shown to have a strong dislike for one another, there have been numerous hints from the staff that Axel and Tadashi will purposefully irritate each other for any reason at all.


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