Raquel Pereira Camargo
Raquel Icon
Gender Female
Birthday June 19th
Sign Leo
Personality Type ISTP
Height 5'6
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Favorite Color Unknown
Likes Soccer, winning and fast food
Dislikes Homework, classical music, party poopers
Professional statistics
Occupation Student
Department Athletics
Relatives Unknown

Raquel is passionate, borderline obsessed about soccer! A promising athlete in the athletics department, she’s energetic, ambitious and has no time for any crap. Despite being the most direct and honest student in Arlington, she can’t help but have a secret too…a secret she tries really hard to hide from her family. Raquel is always in it for the win, and that’s because she simply cannot afford to lose.


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Raquel has long black hair kept in a ponytail and wide brown eyes. She wears the Arlington blazer, white shirt and skirt, with a yellow undershirt and green bag slung over her back. Her knee socks are a bright yellow worn under black cleats.


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