Neha Rao
Neha Icon
Gender Female
Birthday July 7th
Sign Cancer
Personality Type ISTJ
Height 5'6
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Dark brown
Favorite Color Unknown
Likes Colorful fabrics, innovative designs, The color gold
Dislikes Fashion disasters, being forced to be social, science class
Professional statistics
Occupation Student
Department Fashion
Relatives Unknown

An aspiring fashion designer, Neha loves making her own clothes and other’s clothes. She spends countless hours designing seasonal collections and actually sells them to the students of Arlington (at a very high price!) Her success in the school is huge and she’s almost always sold out…but she’s using that success to hide her secret…a secret she believes will destroy her. She uses Karolina as her main model and is Axel’s official stylist for his concerts and photoshoots. Rather reserved and cold, Neha can, however, be surprisingly nice…whenever Karolina isn’t around.


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Neha has short dark brown hair ending at her neck. She wears the Arlington dress shirt, tie and red vest. She has opaque black leggings that end mid-calf, and off-white gold studded sneakers.



Neha's best friend and roommate.


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  • She was originally drawn with blue eyeshadow, which ended up in her icon on the Sweet Elite character page.

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