Karolina Novakova
Karolina Icon
Gender Female
Birthday April 25th
Sign Taurus
Personality Type ESTJ
Height 5'9
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Light blue
Favorite Color Unknown
Likes Shopping, clothes, modeling and getting what she wants
Dislikes Being bothered, ugly clothes, being told what to do
Professional statistics
Occupation Student
Department Fashion
Relatives Tegan (brother)

Considered by many to be the prettiest girl in school, Karolina specializes in modeling. She’s gorgeous and fully aware of her charm. In fact, she makes sure that everybody knows that she’s the hottest, coolest, most amazing girl in this whole establishment, okay?! She is ruthless and will do anything to get what she wants. However, despite her overachieving ways and her promising future, Karolina finds herself struggling with her image…so much that it starts affecting her mental state and health. Her best friend and “second in command” is Neha.


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Karolina has long red hair that end mid back and light blue eyes. She's five foot nine, six feet tall in her light tan heeled boot she wears over thigh high black socks. She has her blazer wrapped around her waist, and wears a lace petticoat underneath her skirt.



Tegan and Karolina are twins, though little is known about their relationship.


Neha and Karolina are best friends. 


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