Claire Durand
Gender Female
Birthday October 5th
Sign Libra
Personality Type INFP
Height 5'4
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Light blue
Favorite Color Unknown
Likes Helping people, reading scientific papers and pretty notebooks
Dislikes Rudeness, being made fun of, suffering
Professional statistics
Occupation Student
Department Health Sciences and Biology
Relatives Unknown

Claire is an aspiring neurosurgeon that volunteers part-time at the local hospital. Deeply caring and protective of the people she loves, she’s the student everybody loves and respects, despite her spending most of her time studying and doing medical research alone. Claire will do anything to make her classmates happy, and she’ll do so with a smile. After all, the last thing she wants it to lose yet another person she cares about.

Personality Edit

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Appearance Edit

Claire has long blonde hair that ends at her mid back and light blue eyes. She wears a white long sleeve dress shirt, the Arlington tie and skirt and golden fishnets and black flats. She is the most notably curviest of the girls.

Relationships Edit

Raquel Edit

Claire and Raquel are really good friends and roommates. Claire said that sometimes, they work out together. Claire also helps Raquel when she's struggling with a class.

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