Gender Male
Birthday November 20th
Sign Scorpio
Personality Type ESTP
Height 5'9
Hair Color Black and blond
Eye Color Brown
Favorite Color Unknown
Likes Rock music, skipping classes and his guitar
Dislikes Tadashi, country music, hypocrisy
Professional statistics
Occupation Student, Rock star
Department Performing Arts
Relatives Unknown

The rock star of the Academy. Literally. Axel is an internationally known teenage superstar and is usually seen touring for his new album. Cocky, sarcastic, and oh-so-charming, Axel only comes to Arlington because the law requires him to get his high school diploma and he makes sure everybody is aware of his nonchalance… But this musician constantly covers up who he is. In fact, is Axel even his real name?


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Axel has black hair with bleached tips and brow eyes. He wears ear spacers, a lip ring, and two belts, one of which he's tied his tie to. Under his blazer he wears a tan hoodie and gray undershirt.



Shown to have a strong dislike for one another, there have been numerous hints from the staff that Axel and Tadashi will purposefully irritate each other for any reason at all.


• Axel was initially planned to act as Tadashi’s opposite, but after tweaks to both of their characters, they act more like each other’s rivals.

•Axel is the only character out of the main 10 that is actually a worldwide celebrity. 

• Axel was the second character Serena created for Sweet Elite!

• Axel was initially planned to have blue or red strands of hair, but Cecile decided to give him blonde ones instead. 

• Serena got the idea for Axel’s character from members of a band that went to her high school, that band actually made it big in the music industry and periodically come back to perform concerts at the school. For the sake of privacy, she will not reveal the name of the band, but it is a rock/pop band. 


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