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Arlington Academy is the main setting of the Otome game, Sweet Elite. It is a rich, renowned, and elegant private school. Due to its prominent nature, getting in can be very difficult. At the start of the game, the Main Character—more often referred to as Scholar—has just been accepted into this prestigious school. 

Basic Information

Arlington Academy is a high school.  It is a special school that requires only 3 years for graduation. Students are required to take basic high school classes—such as Gen Eds. (Math, English, Social Studies, Science, etc.), Advanced Placement classes, and Electives—in order to receive a high school diploma. Along with basic high school classes, Arlington offers secondary education programs, which are specialized classes aimed for a particular field of study. 


While the exact location of Arlington Academy has yet to be disclosed it has been said to be in a metropolitan area on the Northern East Coast of the United States of America. It is unsure if there are more campuses located internationally or otherwise. 

The school has on-site housing for students coming to study from abroad. However, it is possible—albeit rare—for a student to live in the city which Arlington Academy resides. In the incident of a student living within a close proximity to Arlington Academy, said student may simply attend classes then return home at the end of the day.

Exchange Students

Due to places at Arlington being quite limited, skill is prioritized over location. Foreign students attending the school are not part of an exchange program. Instead, they live on-campus and attend classes like any other student would.


Amelia Arlington Sprite1

Lady Amelia Arlington

Currently, Lady Amelia Arlington is the Dean of Arlington Academy. 

Since the game has not yet been released, there is little information about the other faculty members. 


The school's curriculum is divided into different areas of specialization, or departments. There are a total of 7 Departments. The 7 Departments are: 

Each student selects 1 Department based on their skills, which determines the classes required for graduation. Along with specialized classes, students take basic high school classes such as Math, English, History, etc.


The Academy issues badges to every student. They serve as an indication for which Department a particular person is in. It is not mandatory for a student to wear their Badge.

Each badge has two A's, which stand for the school's name—Arlington Academy. They are made of what appears to be gold. Adorning the badges are gems of varying colors. The color of a badge's gem corresponds to the color of the Department it represents.

Badge Fine ArtsBadge Pure and Applied SciencesBadge AthleticsBadge Performing ArtsBadge Business, Commerce & PoliticsBadge FashionBadge Health Sciences & Biology

Student ID Cards

Athletics ID Card

Business, Commerce & Politics ID Card

Fashion ID Card

Fine Arts ID Card

Health Sciences & Biology ID Card

Performing Arts ID Card

Pure and Applied Sciences ID Card
Each student is issued an ID card on the first day of school. Like the uniform, every student is required to keep their ID card with them at all times during school hours.===Purposes===

ID cards serve as identification along with other purposes. Such purposes include, but are not limited to: 

  • Borrowing books at the library
  • Using the school’s computer labs and printing services
  • Getting student discounts in many Arlington Academy partner businesses. 
  • Visiting a doctor at the Department of Health Sciences and Biology 

The student ID cards are equipped with a microchip linking the student’s information and activities to the school’s database. It allows, for example, ease of use of a school printer. The ID card contains a student's academic file and system permissions. 

Obtaining an ID Card

Each student has their picture taken before the first day of school. The ID cards are then distributed on the first day of school. 

Lost or damaged ID cards must be abruptly replaced. A $30 fee will apply for a replacement.

Department Changes and Expired Cards 

A student may decide to transfer to a different Department. Should that happen, the student will be given a replacement card at no cost as long as the old ID card is returned. 

Student ID cards expire at the end of the school year. New cards are issued to returning students at no charge, however a new picture for the ID card is required.

Dress Code

Girl Uniform

Feminine Uniform

Guy Uniform

Masculine Uniform

During school hours, all students are required to wear the official school uniform. Exceptions include special non-uniform days, certain Fashion and Athletics Departments classes, field trips, and physical education classes.

After school hours, wearing the uniform is optional to students. 

According to the Sweet Elite Staff's Tumblr, the school's uniform was both designed and made by members and alumni of the Fashion Department. It is made of nothing but the best quality of textiles. 

Both uniforms consist of: 

  • A plain white button-up dress shirt
  • A navy blue tie
  • A red knitted sweater vest
  • A navy blue blazer lined with gold 
  • A navy blue skirt (feminine) or a navy blue set of dress pants (masculine) 
  • A pair of plain black or brown dress shoes

It should be noted that a pair of solid black tights is mandatory for the feminine uniform.


  • Only simple accessories are permitted. Anything extravagant in a student’s accessories, hairstyle, hair color, makeup, etc. is prohibited. 
  • Students with specific art classes and science labs must wear a coat during those class hours.
  • Any piercings must be small and secure. The number of piercings should be kept reasonable. Big hoops are not permitted. 
  • Cleanliness is at all times required. 
  • The school staff and the Student Council President have the right to take action on any dress code violation. 


While the Sweet Elite staff has yet to release more information regarding the various locations of Arlington, they have released teasers of some backgrounds. 


  • Arlington Academy is a high school [1]
  • Fee for Student ID replacement [2]
  • School uniforms [3]
  • Background teasers [4]

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