Alistair Drew
Alistair Icon
Gender Male
Birthday March 1st
Sign Pisces
Personality Type INFJ
Height 6'1
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Green
Favorite Color Unknown
Likes Sports, protein shakes and his family
Dislikes Arrogance, laziness, coldness
Professional statistics
Occupation Student
Department Athletics
Relatives Unknown

The most promising athlete of the school, he’s on a scholarship just like your Scholar! Alistair specializes in martial arts in general, but his favorite sport is boxing, in which he dreams of making a career out of it and competing in the Olympic Games one day. Unlike most of his classmates, Alistair comes from a middle-class family that struggles with money, and he’s determined to change that. Despite the difference in social classes, he and Tadashi have been best friends for a long time.


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Alistair has shaggy blond hair and bright green eyes. He stands at 6'1 and wears his uniform without any added accessories.



Best friend and roommate.


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